-Save Me
-I Like It
-Fly, Robin, Fly
-Tiger Baby
-Son Of A Gun
-Always Another Girl
-Chains Of Love
-Heart Of Stone (Levay/Prager/Unwin/Forsey)
-Please Don't Change The Chords Of This Song

Vocals: Gitta Walter, Roberta Kelly, Betsy Allen, Lucy Neale & Jackie Carter (she sang the lead vocal of the song "Please Don't Change The Chords Of This Song,") and Jerry Rix on the male vocals

All songs written by Sylvester Levay/Stephan Prager except where noted.
Produced by Michael Kunze

Note: There's also an alternate mix of "Tiger Baby" (without tiger groaning) on the US album which also features the early full-length mix of "Save Me", an edit of which was released on the single.

7" Releases: Save Me (Single edit: 3:18) / Save Me Again, Always Another Girl /I Like It, Fly Robin Fly / Tiger Baby, I Like It / Fly Robin Fly (France).
12" Release: Fly Robin Fly (Extended version 7:40) / Always Another

-Trouble Maker
-Love Power (Yann)
-Think I’m Gonna Break Someone’s Heart Tonight
-The Family (feat. a.o. Donna Summer on backing vocals)

Produced & composed (except where noted) by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte

Single releases: Love Power (Single edit 3:08) / The Drifter (not on the album), Trouble Maker (Single edit 3:59)/ The Family (Single edit 3:15)

"ZODIAC LADY" (1977):
-Love Sign
-Funky Stardust
-I'm Sagitarius

Produced & composed by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte

Single releases: Zodiacs (Single edit 3:57)/ Moondreaming (Single edit 3:46), Funky Stardust (Single edit 3:38), I'm Sagitarius (Single edit 3:10) / Love Sign (Single edit) / Funky Stardust (Italy) (1978)

-Oh Happy Day
-To My Father’s House
-My Sweet Lord
-Getting’ The Spirit
-Walking In The Shadow Of His Light (Co-composed by Roberta Kelly)
-Speaking My MindIn His Ear (Yaweh-Adone-Jehovah-Allah) (Co-composed by Roberta Kelly)

Produced by Giorgio Moroder & Bob Esty

Single release: Gettin' the Spirit (Single edit 4:47) / My Sweet Lord (Single edit 4:20)

-Kabalka Shaka*
-Miel Masai*
-Little Mary Joe*
-Roots Can Be Anywhere*
-Lady Jive*
-Unless We’re Gonna Change It*
-Tribute To Love*
-Coconut Rock

Produced by Michael Holm & Rainer Pietsch, arranged by James Lutara
*= Co-composed by Roberta Kelly

Single releases: John Paul The Second (not on the album) / Tribute To Love (1979), Roots Can Be Anywhere (Single edit 2:56)/ Miel Masai (Single edit 4:11) (1980), Aie / Miel Masai, also Aie Extended Mix 7:28 on 12" (1981), Kabalka Shaka / Little Mary Joe, also Kabalka Shaka Extended Mix 8:22 on 12" (1982)

"TELL ME" (1981):
-Tell Me
-Patty Cake
-Little Chicana
-American Men
-Please Yourself
-Making It To The Top
-Once In A While
-Little Darling
-Gonna Getcha
-Burning My Candle

Produced by Jurgen Koppers, arranged by Greg Mathleson

Single releases: Patty Cake / Making It To The Top
12" release: Tell Me (Extended Disconet mix), Patty Cake / Making It To The Top

-Jubilee In Germany*
-Oh Happy Day (re-recording)
-Father Of Nations*
-Jesus Loves Me
-I’ve Got The Spirit**
-Go Down Moses
-Velvet Rose**
-Down By The Riverside
-Sound Of Colour*
-He’s Always There*
-God Bless Us All (A Capella)**
-Give Me Your Power*
-Dancin’ To His Glory (Special Dance Version)*

Produced by Steve Summer & Pete Winter, co-prod. by Roberta Kelly
*= Co-composed by Roberta Kelly, **= composed by Roberta Kelly

CD Single release: Jubilee In Germany / Oh Happy Day / Sound of Colour / Jubilee (Radio Edit 3:57) (1995)

"SOUL OF GOSPEL" - Roberta Kelly & The Munich Gospel Sound (3-CD) Live Recording

CD 1:
Soon And Very Soon
Oh, When The Saints Go Marching In
It's Me, Oh Lord / What A Fellowship
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen / Down By The Riverside
I've Decided To Make Jesus My Choice
Oh Happy Day
I Need Thee
That Old Rugged Cross
Oh How I Love Jesus
Encourage My Soul
Go Down Moses
Thank You Lord

CD 2:
Swing Low
Jesus Keep Me Near To The Cross
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Where You There
God Has Smiled On Me
Oh, I Want To See Him
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
I've Been Buk'd
Jesus Loves Me
How Great Thou Art
Deep River
Come Ye Disconsolate
Amazing Grace

CD 3:
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
We've Come This Far By Faith
It Is Well With My Soul / Peace Like A River
Love Lifted Me
What Can Wash Away My Sins
Give Me A Clean Heart
In The Garden
He Is Lord / Bless The Lord
We Shall Overcome
Soon I Will Be Done
Where He Leads Me I Will Follow
Blessed Assurance
Jesus Loves The Little Children

"Legends Of GOSPEL & BLUES Vol 1 & 2" - VARIOUS ARTISTS (Weltbild Koch Int. 4 CD 1996)
Roberta Songs:
CD 1 Vol 1:
Roberta Kelly - Swing Low
Roberta Kelly - Jesus keep me near the cross
Roberta Kelly - Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
CD 2 Vol 1:
Roberta Kelly - Were you there
Roberta Kelly - What a friend we have in Jesus
Roberta Kelly - Jesus loves me
CD 1 Vol. 2:
Roberta Kelly - He is lord bless the lord
Roberta Kelly - We shall overcome
Roberta Kelly - Where he leads me I will follow
CD 2 Vol. 2:
Roberta Kelly - Amazing grace
Roberta Kelly - Soon I will be done
Roberta Kelly - The old rugged cross
Roberta Kelly - Encourage my soul

These tracks were previously released on "SOUL OF GOSPEL" (1995)


-Kung Fu’s Back Again Part 1 / Kung Fu’s Back Again Part II (Single 1974)
-Lady Bump - Penny McLean (LP 1975) backing vocals: Betsy Allen, Roberta Kelly, Lucy Neale & Gitta Walther
-Drifter (B-side) (Single 1976)
-I'm Different - Jackie Robinson (LP 1976) backing vocals: Roberta Kelly, Lucy O'Neale, Timmy Touchton, Jerry Rix, Rainer Pietsch & Paul Birmingham
-Sweet Dynamite - Claudja Barry (LP 1976)
Backing vocals: Roberta Kelly, Claudia Schwarz & Stefan Zauner+ additional BV: The Sweethearts Of Sigma on "Love For The Sake Of Love"
-At The Discotheque - Lipstique (LP 1977) backing vocals: Roberta Kelly, Claudia Schwarz & Stefan Zauner
-Disco Circus - Disco Circus (LP 1978) vocals: Keith Forsey, Mats Bjoerklund, Roberta Kelly, Claudia Schwarz & Stefan Zauner
-John Paul The Second (Single 1979) Co-composed by Roberta Kelly
-She Works Hard For The Money - Donna Summer (LP 1983) backing Vocals: Dara Lynn Bernard, Mary E. Bernard, Matthew Ward & Roberta Kelly
-Sing The Pronto Song (Download only 2002)
-Above All (19??) (Unreleased) Song can be heard on
-America (The Sound of Colour Realized) (with Speech/Original version) (CD-s 2008) Co-composed by Roberta Kelly

"Glaubenskundgebung" from Kongress Treffpunkt Weltkirche 2006, Roberta performs a.o. His Eye Is On the Sparrow (Duet Florence Joy)

by Hans R. de Vries
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